Why Floyd Mayweather walked out to the ring wearing a balaclava

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather made it 50-0 on Saturday by defeating his latest opponent Conor McGregor. 

In what was a massively-hyped encounter with a mammoth sum of money involved, the American veteran expectedly came out on top within 10 rounds, providing the massive crowd with an entertaining performance. 

However, it was the 40-year-old's entrance attire that was one of the main talking points of the night, which saw Mayweather dawn some sort of a 'ski mask' or a 'balaclava' during his ring entrance. 

Having walked out with the likes of Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne in the past, many expected Mayweather to put on a show on this monumental occasion as well. 

Although, the boxer's latest piece of attire seemed to have confused several of his fans and spectators. 

But, on a closer look, and some explanation, it becomes evident why Mayweather decided to opt for such an unusual outfit.

The Michigan wanted to deliver a hidden message to the audience and especially to McGregor and his team with his choice of clothing. 

This theory was confirmed by boxing coach Angelo Reyes, who revealed that the publicity stunt was a homage to the 1995 bank robbery film 'Dead Presidents'. 

"To us in the boxing culture, we were kind of laughing about it because it’s Floyd Mayweather’s ode to the movie 'Dead Presidents', where he put the ski mask on because it’s a bank robbery," said Reyes, who has known Mayweather for years. 


"Basically, he was saying it was a heist.

"Like Conor actually believed he could beat Floyd Mayweather and all that happened was he got fooled into the biggest pay-per-view, the biggest payday opportunity of all time.

“That’s why he put on the ski mask, which I thought was pretty awesome.”

Mayweather knew full well that he had done a lucrative piece of business in setting up with mega-money fight and was seemingly confident that he could get the job done despite McGregor's optimism. 

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