Triple H on why Roman Reigns shouldn't be turned heel


For years now we have been hearing the same thing be said about Roman Reigns that has been said about John Cena - turn him heel.

Cena has had an extremely successful career in WWE, having won a record-tying 16 World Heavyweight Titles, four Tag Team Championships, five United States Title wins, the 2012 Money In The Ban Ladder Match winner, and two Royal Rumble match wins (2008, 2013). For the past few years, however, Cena has taken a bit of a backseat to the WWE main event picture while he pursues other ventures in film. In his absence a new face has emerged and is being groomed to assume the top spot in WWE - Roman Reigns.

Reigns is a former Shield member who stood out amongst his fellow teammates due to his sheer size and physical presence inside the ring. His bloodline of the legendary Anoa'i also helps legitimize himself as a deserving candidate for the role.

"The Big Dog" has already won multiple World Titles and is expected to be the man to dethrone Brock Lesnar when the time is right. Fans haven't taken a liking to Reigns as much as WWE brass would've like, however, and some fans have been calling for the promotion to do what wasn't done for John Cena and simply turn the man heel.

WWE's Triple H recently did an interview with ESPN to discuss this, and gave an explanation as to why WWE shouldn't turn Reigns heel (quotes via IWNerd):

“When people say, ‘They should just turn Roman,’ why? For the people that hate him, he’s already turned, and for the people that love him, they don’t want him to turn. And if we turned him, the people who hate him would switch to loving him, and the people who love him would switch to hating him.”

“Roman Reigns sells tickets. Roman Reigns sells merchandise. Roman Reigns is one of the most looked-up guys on the internet. He’s all of these things. It doesn’t matter. We’re in a world now where there’s so much access to everything that you can’t dictate to somebody anymore.

That’s what the internet does — it allows you to have your own opinion, and you can find somebody that backs your opinion up so you’re not all alone.

"You can hate who you want to hate, love who you want to love, and no matter what we do, no matter what it seems like we’re promotionally getting behind, it really sort of doesn’t matter. We can’t control that.”

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