Paulie Malignaggi explains why fight against Conor McGregor remains unlikely

The latest boxing-UFC feud all started when Paulie Malignaggi walked out of Conor McGregor’s training camp after McGregor’s team released images of their sparring sessions which showed the American down on the canvas.

The 36-year-old American described these images as “dishonest”, and there has been an ongoing war of words between the two ever since.

Following McGregor’s defeat in the 10th round to Floyd Mayweather, Malignaggi has been angling for an opportunity to put the record straight with McGregor. But the Irishman hasn’t been receptive to his overtures.

Malignaggi has now revealed why he believes McGregor doesn’t want to fight him:

“I’ll tell you why Conor is concerned to fight me, because he knows what actually happened in the sparring session. You can’t edit last Saturday’s ass whipping,” he said, as per Boxing Scene.

“You can make it look like Conor McGregor did good against Floyd Mayweather, but in reality he got his ass whopped. You can’t edit the fight when everybody sees it. 

“At day’s end, he won’t want to fight me because he knows what really happened in that sparring session and he can’t edit the fight. He can say whatever he wants because our sparring session happened behind closed doors. But if it happened for everyone to see, he can’t edit that and his image is going to take a major hit.”

“But if it happened for everyone to see, he can’t edit that and his image is going to take a major hit.”

After watching McGregor lose his professional boxing debut, Malignaggi is confident a match between them would finish in similar fashion.

He added: “I would make him quit like Floyd make him quit. And you don’t even have to be that good, you just have to take him to the point where he wants to quit, because he himself wants to quit when the going gets hard.”

Malignaggi clearly has a lot of bitterness towards McGregor. How justified this is, we will probably never know. 

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