Tyron Woodley wants epic UFC champion vs UFC champion fight in 2018

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The current trend in combat sports right now is super fights, whether that be the crossover between MMA and Boxing for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor or UFC's own super fight between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre.

The British fighter is expected to put his UFC Middleweight Championship on the line later this year against the former two-time UFC Welterweight Champion in the main event of UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 4 in what should be an unmissable fight.

Due to what is at stake in this fight and the participants involved, there is bound to be a list of competitors that will want to fight the victor at a later point. You can't get much bigger than Tyron Woodley.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, the current UFC Welterweight Champion has said he wants to fight against GSP as it help would establish himself as the greatest welterweight of all time and cap off the best run in the history of the welterweight division.

He said: "I wanted to fight one more time, I was being greedy. I wanted to go out here and beat [Demian Maia] and I wanted to fight Georges St-Pierre in November in New York City.

"This would've been the greatest year competitively, and after I beat Georges, there is no question that I'll be Fighter of the Year. I fight five title fights in 18 months and beat the greatest welterweight of all time, nobody has done anything like that in our sport. . .

"My brother-in-law just asked me [who I’m fighting next] and I said you know what, if he wins I'm going up there to fight him cause you can't keep running from me."

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Woodley said he would be open to fighting Bisping as well, saying: “I would fight Bisping as well, to be honest. I'm not just saying I want to move up to middleweight because at welterweight I'm a larger size and I feel comfortable at the weight. I have no issues making it, it's not easy but I always get it done.

“To fight Bisping or Georges, I'd love fight either one. But mainly I want to fight Georges.”

There's only one problem for Woodley, he's not the next man in line for a Middleweight title fight, as that honor belongs to Robert Whittaker who won the interim UFC middleweight championship at UFC 213 and would therefore likely face Bisping if he wins or GSP if no immediate rematch between Bisping and GSP is set.

For now, Woodley is just another fighter on the outside looking in.