Francesco Lezzi pushes referee to get disqualified from fight

Boxing at The O2 Arena

Italian boxer Francesco Lezzi did something really stupid during his bout with Ted Cheeseman last night in London.

The fight at Bethnal Green's historic York Hall was bizarre by anyone’s standards. Lezzi seemed to be doing everything in his power not to throw a punch at Cheeseman. And with good reason as the second he did, the 28-year-old Italian ended up on the canvas in the second round.

Super-welterweight Cheeseman was in total control and it looked like it was only going to go one way.

Controversially, the 28-year-old had complained multiple times to fight referee Kieran McCann, about being hit on the back of the head, only to see nothing being done about it.

In frustration, Lezzi them pushed McCann and thus ending the fight in disgrace as McCann only had one option open to him; the immediate disqualification of the Italian - see the video below.

Seems a stupid thing to do especially as boxing referees clearly instruct both boxers and explain the rules before the fight.

But as you can see by skipping to roughly 13:00 into the video below, Lezzi completely lost his head and handed Cheeseman the 10th and probably easiest win of his professional career.

You know it's been a one-sided when the referee takes more punishment than one of the actual boxers.

Why did Lezzi even bother turning up if that was the best he could do?

Thankfully, those in attendance at York Hall also witnessed the first ever professional debut of William Webber whilst Felix Cash continued his undefeated career with a win over Fernando Heredia, in doing so Cash takes his fight record to 6-0.

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