Chael Sonnen gives interesting insight into Jon Jones’ failed drug test

UFC Fight Night: Shogun v Sonnen

Chael Sonnen has opened up Jon Jones’ latest failed drug test.

Ever since it was announced, it seems that everyone has an opinion about Jones failing a drug test before his bout at UFC 214. Former UFC title contender and current Bellator star is the latest fighter to do so.

For a quick history recapped, the UFC light heavyweight champion failed an in-competition drug test for his title winning performance over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 last month. Because of that failed drug test, the long-time UFC fighter has been provisionally suspended by USADA pending a full investigation by the California Athletic Commission.

Sonnen, who has been caught and admits to having thoroughly used PEDs in his career, opened up about the situation and gave some interesting insights about his former opponent’s positive test. By looking back at history, Sonnen lost to Jones in a light heavyweight title bout back at UFC 159.

Sonnen noted that Turinabol is an illegal substance and not just one that is banned from competition. He added that there wouldn’t be much legitimate explanations on why it’s found in someone’s system.

“As far as (Turinabol), you’d have to go to a museum to find that. That’s not something that a person would take,” Sonnen said on the MMA Hour (transcript courtesy of Bloody Elbow). “On the list of performance enhancers, it’s probably number 8 on the list. You might be thinking ‘8, that’s pretty good,’ well, there’s only about 10 substances on that list.”

“To take that, you would traditionally take that in a stack,” he explained. “I don’t know what Jon did, I’m speculating off of what I’ve done. If they catch something like that, they missed the good stuff. So yeah, he’s got to deal with this. There’s no contaminated substance — this stuff is pretty hard to get. It’s pretty expensive if you do get it.”

“I have found that commissions and public — the quicker you come clean, the better. That’s one guy’s opinion, but it’s mine. Jones is never going to do that in a million years,” he said. “He’s going to lie in his inner circle. He’s going to take it to the grave. A lot of times that will come back to bite you. If you did a dishonest act, sometimes the most honest thing you can do is to say ‘yeah, you got me.’”

“All I can tell you is that I had a higher juice concentrate that Tropicana, and he pushed me around like a mack truck vs a volvo,” he said. “I think for the better part of his career, that seems to be how it works.”

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