The top 10 transfer announcement videos, according to AS Roma


The summer transfer market of 2017 will always be remembered as the moment the football market went crazy.

Billions were spent, with Neymar leaving Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain for a quite ridiculous £198 million.

It will also be remembered for the bizarre and unique ways the signing of players were announced.

Gone are the days that a simple press conference and a few photos to announce a new signing will suffice.

No, clubs are all trying to outdo each other with original and funny videos to “announce” a new signing.

But what was the best announcement video this summer?

Well, luckily for us, AS Roma have produced a top 10 videos on their Twitter page. Of course, they rank themselves pretty highly and feature in the top 10 on a few occasions.

Although, to be fair, the Italian giants are pretty superb at the whole announcement thing so we'll let them off.

The ratings at the end of each video are also rather hilarious.


For Premier League fans, both Southampton and Swansea get a mention.

The Saints appeared to mock the extravagant announcement videos with a purposely underwhelming clip of Taylor sipping a cup of tea, while Bony singing his popular “C’mon Wilfried Bony” song was always going to go down well.

Watch: The top 10 announcement videos

Anyway, here is the top 10 video:

10 - Sevilla - Jesus Navas - 52%

9 - Roma - Lorenzo Pellegrini - 53%

8 - Southampton - Stuart Taylor - 59%

7 - Roma - Grégoire Defrel - 63%

6 - Roma - Cengiz Ünder - 67%

5 - Besiktas - Negredo - 69%

4 - Roma - Besiktas Remix - 70%

3 - Roma - Aleksandar Kolarov - 72%

2 - Swansea - Wilfried Bony - 80%

1 - Roma - Patrik Schick - 100%


A monkey on a laptop, a singing lion, Francesco Totti, Katy Perry, and a goat playing chess - there was only going to be one winner.

It will be interesting to see if this trend of announcing players continues onto next season but we applaud it.

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