Chris Eubank reveals how Conor McGregor should have approached Floyd Mayweather fight

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In the aftermath of the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather superfight, colourful former middleweight champ Chris Eubank has blamed the novice Irish boxer's choice of tactics for his defeat.

Stepping into the pro boxing ring for the first time, the game UFC fighter took the undefeated Mayweather to the 10th round before finally being stopped after running out of gas.

The eccentric Eubank contends the Irishman won half the battle in the pre-bout war of words.

“He shouted him down. He antagonized his spirit. He pushed his spirit around – he out shouted him, he out stressed him, he out thought him," said Eubank.

"His energy was so vibrant it was scary. He had dented the spirit of Floyd Mayweather.

“We saw it in the press conferences, even at the weigh-in…especially at the weigh in when he was shouting him down. You saw that the spirit within Mayweather was quiet because he couldn’t compete with it. That’s usually half the battle.”

One of five fights Eubank lost over a pro career spanning 12 years was a rematch with Steve Collins.

Pointing to the strategy adopted by Collins on that day in Cork in 1995, Eubank asserts that McGregor should have run at him like a madman.

“What he needed to do on top of that was run at him like a madman,” he explained.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

“Again, that approach can be seen in Eubank vs. Collins 2. When your viewers actually watch that fight, I think you’ll get a ground swell of comments – ‘I see now what you mean’."

McGregor-Mayweather was a much derided fight, its detractors attributing its longevity to the American being well past his best after ending a near two-year retirement for a money-spinning purse.

However, Eubank, a love him or hate him figure, noted for an arrogance perceived from speaking with affected upper class tones, prefers to take a more generous view of proceedings. 

Proclaiming McGregor as "our Rocky",  he states: “How ever you viewed the fight, I would like to concentrate more on the fact that he stepped up to the plate. The tactics, as I’ve said before, if he boxes him it’s not going to be much of a contest. If he fought him – I’d urge your viewers to watch Eubank/Collins 2 – you’d see the blueprint."

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