Gordon Hayward got a Celtics welcome text from a sports star he can't stand

Boston Celtics Introduce Kyrie Irving

The Boston Celtics have been making waves this offseason in order to improve upon their Eastern Conference Finals finish from last season with the acquisitions of both Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward.

Although the Irving trade did see fan favourite Isaiah Thomas go the other direction to the Cleveland Cavaliers, most fans have been welcoming the two newest players to Boston as it could help the team reach the NBA Finals for the first time since the 2009-10 season, which is also the last time they won the championship.

One of the huge sports names from the Boston area that has been welcoming the new arrivals is New England Patriots star Tom Brady, as he sent a welcome text to Hayward according to A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.

However, this is where things get a little bit awkward as the small forward is actually from Indianapolis, so he is a huge Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning fan, so he absolutely can't stand Brady!

Hayward said on the matter, according to CBS Sports: "I'm a Colts fan, so I can't stand him just because he plays for the Patriots. I think he's a good quarterback. Loyalty, right?"

Celtics head coach believes it won't be long until Hayward is converted. In fact, he believes it will only take four weeks for him to become a Brady fan.

Stevens said according to the Patriots official website: "First of all, I think that clip was a few years old, so I have to let him have that at least. But I made sure that he knew, 'By the time you get here, I give you about four weeks before you're a huge Tom Brady fan.'

New York Giants v New England Patriots

"Obviously, I've been here four years, coming from Indianapolis, there's a certain Peyton Manning lean from back in the day. Obviously when you're here and you're around the Patriots and around Tom and really around that whole organization, it's so impressive. Actually, as Gordon made his decision and moved forward, I sent them both a little text jabbing Gordon. Tom's been nice enough to give his advice regardless. Tom has been great about it."

Chances are Hayward will grow to love Brady to a certain extent, so long as the Patriots aren't playing against the Colts.

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