Isaiah Thomas reportedly already making moves for his looming free agency

Isaiah Thomas’ career with the Cleveland Cavaliers has yet to begin, but it’s been an auspicious start for both sides at this point. 

The Cavaliers pushing back on the Boston Celtics following their physical evaluation of Thomas may have been due diligence, but it’s a strange way to welcome one of the key players in a blockbuster trade to the franchise. 

That there’s any doubt going into going into a key relationship isn’t a great foot to get off on, and it appears Thomas is returning the favor, even if it’s indirectly. The Cavaliers are rolling the dice on Thomas as a long-term piece, but the star guard is already carefully calculating his next move. 

Thomas’ contract with the Cavaliers, netting him a mere $6.2 million in salary in the final year of his deal, is set to expire in 2018. The 28-year-old guard will undoubtedly be set to earn far more than the low-tier contract he signed years ago with the Sacramento Kings. 

That his free agency coincides with LeBron James’ is no small detail, either. With reports indicating the Cavaliers are preparing for a worst-case scenario of James leaving next summer, the same fate may await them with Thomas. 

The 5’9 guard will likely be looking at the last major contract, making it a key moment in his basketball career. It appears Thomas is already planning ahead to the future, as he is reportedly parting ways with his previous agency Excel Sports Management, per Chris Haynes of ESPN

Why is Thomas making this move now, with his trade from Boston now finalized? He wants time to pick out a new agent before he becomes a free agent next summer, according to Haynes.

That shouldn’t exactly be music to the Cavaliers’ ears, though it’s also not the end of days for them either. The possibility of Thomas staying in Cleveland, with or without LeBron, is still very real. The possibility that he leaves is also incredibly real, and the fact that he wants to find a new agent to help him handle the moment points to how serious he plans on taking his next career move. 

Thomas was a key piece the Cavaliers acquired when they traded Kyrie, and losing him for nothing would be a painful outcome. Sure, the Brooklyn Nets’ 2018 unprotected first round pick may be more valuable in the long-term, but Thomas was one of the pieces that put Boston’s package over the top. 

LeBron’s free agency is going to have the league swarming, and Thomas wants to be as prepared as possible for whatever his future may hold. It’s hard to blame him for looking out for himself after being traded by a franchise he showed incredible loyalty to. 

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