One fan's awesome gift for helping recover Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey

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SuperBowl 51 this past February provided one of the most compelling stories in sports.

Shortly after the game ended star quarterback and MVP Tom Brady's game jersey went missing from his locker room. An investigation was launched by the FBI that soon pointed to Mexican tabloid (Diario La Prensa) reporter Mauricio Ortega as the culprit for stealing the valued jersey. Not only had he stolen Brady's jersey from SuperBowl 51, but Ortega was also in possession of Brady's SuperBowl 49 jersey as well. 

Thanks to the help of 19-year-old Dylan Wagner, however, Ortega was brought to justice and Brady's jerseys were rightfully returned to him. Wagner did an interview with WBZ-TV to discuss how he found out about the stolen jersey, and noted that he had sold a jersey to Ortega on ebay and the pair exchanged pictures of their collections afterwards.

Wagner noticed Ortega was in possession of Brady's SuperBowl 49 jersey and asked how Ortega became in possession of it, to which he responded 'I'll tell you later' (quotes via Daily Mail UK):

"He sent me 30 photos of his collection. Front and center was Tom Brady's Super Bowl 49 Jersey. I asked him outright, 'How did you get that?' and he says 'I'll tell you later,'' Wagner explained.

After being sent the picture of Ortega's collection Wagner didn't report the crime, but that's only because the stolen jersey story hadn't broken yet. Once the story got out, and it was also noted that Brady's SuperBowl 49 jersey was missing, Wagner quickly sent pictures of Ortega's collection to a fellow collector at the Boston ATF.

The FBI had already been looking at Ortega after seeing him leave the Patriots locker room on a surveillance camera. It was Wagner's photos, however, that allowed the FBI to raid Ortega's home. Patriots owner Robert Kraft has rewarded the young man for his heroic efforts with a plethora of amazing gifts.

Kraft met the Seattle native this morning to deliver him two tickets to tonight's Patriots season opening game against the Kansas City Chiefs, sitting in seat number 12 (Brady's jersey number), a signed Tom Brady jersey, and a pair of Air Force 1s which cost around $140:

"This would be the young man who helped us get the jersey from the Super Bowl in Mexico,' Kraft said Thursday. 'He's from Seattle, so we're honored to have him there. We have a special celebration tonight."

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What are your thoughts on Kraft's gift to the fan who helped recover Brady's stolen SuperBowl jersey? Let us know in the comments section below!

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