Floyd Mayweather shows off his latest purchase with Conor McGregor winnings

The old saying that “money doesn’t buy good taste” couldn’t be more true of Floyd Mayweather, who has been showing off his wealth after his estimated $300 million payout for defeating Conor McGregor in one of the most anticipated, and richest, fights in history.

Mayweather, the overwhelming favourite, defeated MMA legend Conor McGregor in the 10th round of their fight at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last month.

Mayweather’s 50th win meant that the 40-year-old has surpassed Rocky Marciano’s record of 49 wins, zero defeats.

Mayweather has been showing off his latest purchases on Instagram, where two posts show the same crocodile skin hand-bag in different colours. One post is accompanied by the caption: “$125,000 Himalayan birkin 35cm Hermes rare matte nilo crocodile blanc white bag gift for her.”

Hermes crocodile skin bags are particularly cruelly sourced, with the animals in question being kept in horrific conditions, and killed using overly cruel methods.

The appalling cruelty employed by Hermes, which is supported by their customers like Floyd Mayweather, has been captured on video during undercover investigations by PETA.

The £95,000 spent on one of these garish, cruel bags is just pocket money to Mayweather, who is reportedly now valued at £772 million. 

Clearly the now ex-boxer has no qualms with being the cause of great harm and suffering to living things.

He has been convicted of assaulting five different women, one of the assaults taking place in front of his children, but despite being convicted he has only served a couple of months in prison. 

Despite being a talented boxer, Mayweather’s dark past, which has gone virtually unpunished should not be forgotten, and him showing off cruel purchases like this are just another reminder of Mayweather’s sinister nature.

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