Mystery teammate told Enes Kanter to avoid Kevin Durant this summer

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Even though Kevin Durant made his infamous decision to leave behind the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors last year, at least one of his former teammates apparently isn’t ready to forgive him yet.

Thunder big man Enes Kanter apparently was ready to move on until a mystery teammate (who he didn’t reveal) simply didn’t allow him to.

Kanter and Durant didn’t only both spend parts of the summer in New York City, but they also both lived in the same apartment building and played pickup games together on a few occasions.

On the “Timeout with Taylor Rooks” podcast on Friday, Kanter revealed that one of his Thunder teammates was adamant that he keep his distance and not re-kindle a friendship with KD this summer.

“I’m not gonna tell who, but one of my teammates a couple weeks before that scrimmage game said, ‘If I see picture of you and KD’ – because he knows that KD lives in the same apartment as me – ‘don’t come back to OKC,’” Kanter said.

Kanter mentioned that he requested to play on LeBron James’ pickup team rather than Durant’s during one workout, and that after the teams were switched to his surprise, he received a call from his mystery teammate.

“He called me and said, ‘Did you talk to him?’” Kanter revealed. “He heard about the game so he asked me if I talked to him, if I was friendly or not, if I was on his team. I was like, ‘I was not on his team.’ He was like, ‘You’re lying. I watched. You were on his team.’ I was like, ‘Maybe I was on his team a little bit.’”

Despite the pressure from his unnamed teammate (who could very well be reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook), Kanter explained that while it was a bit weird at first, he and Durant got along fine.

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“First time he walked into the gym, it was awkward,” Kanter admitted. “But the stuff going on, it’s only on the court. Outside, I believe he’s a really, really nice guy. He’s always a chill dude. He came to me and said ‘What’s up?’ and of course I shook his hand.”

If you recall, Kanter and Durant exchanged words during KD’s first game against the Thunder last season. With the Thunder trailing by 23 points in the second quarter, the two got into it. Refresh your memory by checking out the video below:

It was never revealed what was said between the two players, but apparently both of them have moved on from any personal beef.

Kanter and the Thunder will welcome Durant and the Warriors to Oklahoma City on November 22 for the first of four regular-season meetings. It’s safe to say there won’t be any kind feelings between Durant and his former teammates on that day.

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