Stephen Curry on Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant comparisons: "This is my time to do me"

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Over the last four years, Stephen Curry has become one of the biggest superstars in the NBA and a global icon in the sport. 

His rise to greatness on the court has coincided with the Golden State Warriors becoming the most dominant team in the league. 

After suffering from multiple ankle injuries during the early part of his career, Curry's career took off exponentially once he maintained his health and it translated into both individual and collective success. 

The Warriors have been to three straight Finals and won two championships in that stretch. During that time, Steph became a two-time MVP and the first player to ever win the award unanimously. 

With this level of success, it was inevitable that he would draw comparisons with some of the past greats that came before him. 

The 28-year-old secured his unanimous MVP award after playing a major role in helping Golden State break the regular season record set by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls by winning 73 games.

As you'd expect, that led to Curry being compared to Michael Jordan and others have also been comparing him to Kobe Bryant at various points. 

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But in a recent interview with Complex, the four-time All-Star said he's only interested in carving out his own legacy in the game and reaching his own heights.

“A lot of the younger generation who are watching the game now don’t remember seeing Michael play. Even the younger, younger generation don’t even know who Kobe is on the court,” Curry said. “This is my time to do me and get the most out of the game that I can. It goes with that off-the-court impression of being able to inspire kids to want to be like me when they grow up…

“That’s the goal for sure and there’s a huge opportunity to make that happen.”

With his slight frame, many youngsters have found it easy to relate to Curry as he's shown that size doesn't really matter as long as you have the talent.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

Of course, not everybody will be able to shoot the ball like the two-time champion does as he's arguably the best shooter in the league's history. 

But the Dubs star believes his style is something that youngsters can emulate and sees it as a major reason why he has a huge following around the world.

"I think most of it is because the way I play is something that most people can try to emulate,” Curry said. “I’m not a high-flyer going above the rim or anything. For the average basketball player, no matter what level you are or what age you are, everybody loves to shoot, and they love to shoot from way out.

"I’m pretty sure that has a little bit to do with it. How much fun I have on the court when I’m playing is some of it too. I like to play the game with a smile and that’s genuinely how much I appreciate the game.”

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