Rafael Nadal comments on chasing Roger Federer's Grand Slam total

2017 US Open Tennis Championships - Day 14

Rafael Nadal stormed to yet another title victory on Sunday night as he defeated Kevin Anderson to claim his second Grand Slam of the year in scintillating fashion.

The hard-hitting Spaniard now has a staggering 16 Grand Slams to his name and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. 

At 31, he still has plenty of tennis to play, and if his performance yesterday in New York was anything to go by, he will still be a force to be reckoned with for a little while longer at least.

Nadal has remained a formidable fixture on the tour and will no doubt set his sights on the next challenge.

However, it is rivalry with his peers, and one in particular, that caught the attention of many after the match.

Nadal was more than pleased to share his thoughts on the matter.

When asked about his Grand Sam total haul, he admitted he was more than satisfied and also explained that his main focus is on remaining fit and competitive.

His powerful style, albeit effective, has proven to be somewhat taxing on his body in the past and he is fully aware that as he gets older he will need to keep his body in optimum condition.

When the Spaniard was asked about Roger Federer's impressive 19 Grand Slam titles and if he was focused on surpassing the Swiss ace's haul, he replied: "I really never thought much about that. I just do my way. He does his way. Let’s see when we finish."

2017 US Open Tennis Championships - Day 14

He went on to add: "I have 16. So three is big difference. I really don’t think much about these kind of things. 

"Well done for Roger that he is having an amazing season, too, and well done for me because I’m having a great season, too. 

"Tennis is not all about the Grand Slams, so there are tournaments to come and I’m excited about this last part of the season."

When pressed on his latest achievement, the Spaniard was more than candid, and explained: "It’s difficult to win a lot of titles. We should be very happy. Probably even Roger and me and Novak, much more than we ever dreamed."

2017 US Open Tennis Championships - Day 14

Rafael Nadal's career to date has already been impressive and he will go down in history as one of the best to ever play the game. The next few years are set to be as exciting as ever as Nadal, Federer, Andy Murray, Djokovic and others continue to do battle.

The sport has arguably never been as competitive and Nadal has been a massive part of that.

Long may it continue.

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