Cincinnati Bengals fans treat Andy Dalton harshly after Ravens loss

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals

The new NFL has finally arrived and some major upsets have already occurred including the Kansas City Chiefs' win against the New England Patriots, and the Jacksonville Jaguars' victory against the Houston Texans.

Another surprising result was the matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals as the Ravens managed to shutout their AFC North rivals for a blowout victory of 20-0.

Bengals' Andy Dalton had an absolutely horrible game and wasn't able to get anything moving on the ground or in the air at all, allowing their AFC North rivals to pick up the easy victory away from home at Paul Brown Stadium.

The seventh season quarterback finished with an embarrassing stat line of 16 of 31 passing attempts completed for 170 yards, zero touchdowns, and four interceptions. It truly was a terrible performance and one he will definitely want to forget quickly.

However, the way which Dalton was treated by Bengals fans after this game while he was making his way off the field and to the locker room area was unacceptable.

As the 29-year-old made his way off the field, he was met by a large group of disgruntled fans that were upset due to the result of the game. To show their unhappiness, the fans gave him some verbal abuse saying "You suck" and "I want Carson back."

As you can see in the video below, one fan even went as for as throwing a hat at Dalton which is totally unacceptable.

It's quite harsh for Bengals fans to treat Dalton like this, considering for five of the past seven seasons he has been in the NFL since they drafted him, he has taken them to the playoffs. He's certainly better than a lot of the other quarterbacks in the NFL, including some starters.

Abuse like this after one loss at the start of the season is uncalled for.

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