Watch: John Cena and Roman Reigns have another war of words on RAW


Over the last few weeks, one feud has gotten more personal than any in recent memory as John Cena and Roman Reigns have engaged in several verbal exchanges which have kept the fans guessing.

The two have taken very personal shots at each other in which they have seemingly addressed every issue that the fans have with each superstar.

A personal issue

The two have provided some incredible scenes on RAW over the last few weeks and the fans have certainly been responding to the feud.


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Monday night saw the two go at it again as Jason Jordan continued to play an interesting role in rivalry between Cena and Reigns.

Last week, Jordan took on Cena and despite his loss, he earned respect from the 16 time world champion for giving him a hard fought match.

Monday night saw the Big Dog take on Jordan this time and while he also picked up the win, his victory drew Cena to the ring.

The two once again engaged in their verbal joust with Cena once again hitting Reigns with the opinions of many fans in attendance.

Claiming that Reigns is going to find out what failure is all about, Cena would highlight Reigns' failures a sign that he is not in fact 'The Guy', as he claims to be.

The two wouldn't hold back with Cena claiming that Reigns is burying himself, while Reigns would declare that he has had more good matches in the last two years than Cena has in his career.

Cena would end the segment with an interesting reference as he claimed that at No Mercy, Reigns should consider him like a drug test because he won't get past him.

A reference to Reign's previous wellness policy violation showed that the gloves are well and truly off in the feud between the two most polarising figures in WWE.

The two will be facing off in what has been called a WrestleMania calibre main event at No Mercy and it could go either way.

A historic clash

With Cena set to take more time away from WWE soon, Reigns is expected to come out on top at No Mercy.

Cena's impending absence makes Reigns the favourite at No Mercy and while the event in Los Angeles will mark the first clash between the two, it is unlikely that it will be the last.

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