Tony Bellew reacts to David Haye wanting Anthony Joshua fight

Tony Bellew spoke his mind on David Haye recently, and commented on the fact the Hayemaker is interested in a fight with Anthony Joshua.

The Liverpudlian cruiserweight, who moved up a class to defeat David Haye by technical knockout in the 11th round of their March 4 match up, has little faith that Haye could present a plausible challenge to Anthony Joshua.

“I’ve seen an article this week saying he’s talking about Anthony Joshua. He must be on the drugs,” he said in an exclusive with the Express.

“This guy Joshua is a colossal monster and David has come out saying “me and him could be the biggest fight ever”.

“He’s insane. He really is.”

Bellew is not wrong.

At 220lbs, Haye is a good deal smaller than Joshua, who weighed a whopping, yet chiselled, 250lbs ahead of his win over Wladimir Klitschko. The Watford fighter, at 6’5”, also has a significant height and reach advantage over 6’3” Haye. 

Bellew’s feelings toward Haye are no secret. The run up to their fight in March turned into nothing less than an insult match. 

Half a year later, Bellew’s opinion on Haye has not changed.

“David Haye has been to every single event he can get his arse to – the GQ Awards, speaking to journalists, telling everybody he’s got a “huge announcement” that’s got nothing to do with him…He’s taking all the limelight from his own fighters because he will do absolutely anything to stay in the media spotlight. I would put nothing past him.”

So, could there be a chance for Haye to redeem himself in a rematch against Tony Bellew?

Maybe, maybe not. Difficult as it might be for an ageing Haye to get a fight against the unified world champion Anthony Joshua, it might prove more so with an unavenged loss to a natural curiserweight marring his reputation.

Bellew’s position, on the other hand, is crystal clear: “Do I need David Haye? No. Does David Haye need me? Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt,.

“David Haye bent me over backwards to make that first fight. The only thing he didn’t do was ask me to do was put a thong on and dance on a pole for him so he could slip notes into my underwear: I may just ask him to do that this time.

“I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of negotiations because it’s not really my place. I leave that to Eddie Hearn.

“If it doesn’t happen, I have many other options.”

Bellew has more options than you’d think, and not just in boxing. British UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has challenged Bellew to a fight.

If it happens, it will likely see Bellew move over to MMA, as the Scouse doesn’t give Bisping any hope at defeating him in the ring.

“If I fought Michael Bisping in a boxing ring, I would spark him clean out in about 40 seconds

“I am not Floyd Mayweather and he is not Conor McGregor. I wouldn’t carry a man for 10 rounds. I would absolutely smash him.

“It would be so one-sided that people would laugh. So the only way to make this a competitive fight should be to do it in the Octagon.

“I’d maybe have a roll around with him for a couple of minutes and then I’d probably still choke him out.”

Bold words, especially when the last time a boxing purist made the crossover – at UFC 118 in 2010, Mixed Martial Artist Randy Couture submitted boxer James Toney in all of three minutes.

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