Triple G vs Canelo heats up ahead of title fight this Saturday

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Ahead of the middleweight title fight between Canelo Alvarez and Triple G this Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena, Kazakh Golovkin vowed that the fight would not mirror the McGregor–Mayweather super-fight at the same venue last month.

“This one is not an entertainment, a fake, a show. This is not only for the money. This is a real fight between two of the best boxers in the world.

“This is an important fight for boxing,” Triple G said as he arrived in Las Vegas.

Tickets for the middleweight bout sold out within hours, and the fight is the biggest boxing match to arrive at the Las Vegas strip venue following the ‘Money fight.’

However, Triple G gave a warning to Canelo ahead of the fight in which he believed that one punch from either boxer could have the potential to change the others life.

“One punch from either of us could change the life of the other forever.

“We know the risks to both of us in a fight of this magnitude and power. Neither of us know for sure where we will be going when it’s all over. Home or hospital.”

The 36-year-old Kazakh is widely regarded as one of the hardest pound-for-pound punchers in boxing and has won 33 of his 37 bouts by knockout.

It was something he addressed in Las Vegas, once again voicing the opinion that this fight was going to be dangerous for both of the fighters.

Boxing Press Conference with Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin

“I have my power, but I know he has his power, too. We know how dangerous this is going to be for us.”

Challenger ‘Canelo’ did not back down from the threat to life or general well-being, and the Mexican idol showed he was more than up for the fight when he explained that he felt the bout would be vicious and both fighters would be taking a lot of punishment inside the ring.

“I expect this is to be vicious and brutal. There will be a lot of punishment for both of us in this fight. I have prepared for such a fight as never before. I am mentally ready for this.”

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