UFC fighter Michael Bisping happy to step into boxing ring with Tony Bellew

Michael Bisping, a former UFC middleweight champion in 2006, looks set to fight his fellow Brit Tony Bellew in a boxing ring.

The two had waged a war of words over Twitter throughout August, with Bellew, a boxer, claiming that he’d be confident even if he had to fight Bisping in an octagon.

However, their war of words was seemingly over a misunderstanding, with Tony Bellew tweeting: “Just to clear things up… I didn’t call @bisping out! Im actually a fan of his tbh! They asked “would I fight him” to which I replied “YES”…”

Bisping responded on twitter, saying: “All good Tony. People twist things. But for the record, after gsp, i’m down to have a boxing match with you 100 percent…”

Bisping is scheduled to fight UFC legend Georges St Pierre in the octagon at UFC 217 on November 4.

Bisping told Sportsmail that after his UFC commitments, he’d be happy to face Bellew in the ring: “If Tony wants to do it, let me get Georges St-Pierre out of the way and if he’s serious about it, which it sounds like he is, then I’m serious about it, 100 per cent.”

Sportsmail also asked Bisping about Bellew’s comment that he’d be confident fighting in an octagon, to which Bisping replied: “B******* to that, I’ll step into a boxing ring with him, I don’t want to fight Tony Bellew in a cage, that would be too easy.

“Plus boxers get paid more money so I’m more than happy to box Tony Bellew. I’ll step into his backyard.

“People will say i’m trying to copy Conor McGregor, Jesus Christ who doesn’t want to copy that £100m.”

Bisping continued to say: “I’ve got no problem. I mean, Tony’s got a big mouth on him and I’d love to shut it. I know I can compete with him. I’ve got good boxing myself. It’s a different style but yeah, I’d love that challenge.”

Perhaps McGregor vs Mayweather was just the start of a much wider trend in the fighting world.

We shall wait and see…

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