Lonzo Ball spent time working out with Steve Nash this offseason

The NBA offseason is nearing its conclusion, with the majority of training camps slated to start within the next two weeks for teams. 

The long summer of training and developing is about to be put to the test as teams gather their rosters and officially prepare together for the first time. It’s a chance for players to show coaches and teammates what kind of growth they’ve had as professionals over the summer.

For rookies, it’s their first real taste of being a part of an NBA team. Enter Lonzo Ball, who’s seemingly been everywhere since the moment he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. That “everywhere” includes working out with Steve Nash as he prepares for his first season as a pro. 

Ball revealed that he’s worked out with both Nash and Kevin Durant during the summer, spending time with two future hall of famers as he gets set to take the NBA by storm. While Durant is obviously a big deal, it’s working out with Nash that’s most fascinating. 

Nash, who’s currently a player development coach with the Golden State Warriors, may be the greatest point guard to play the game of basketball during Lonzo’s lifetime. That Ball spent time with a member of the “Point God” club is a huge plus for the Lakers. 

Ball joined NBC Sports Pro Basketball Talk podcast and discussed what he and Nash worked on during their training session.

“He’s an MVP, one of the best point guards who was playing, so anything that he taught me is definitely useful. And just that one day alone I learned a lot, from coming off a screen, to guarding, there’s a lot of things that he helped with and I appreciate him taking time out of his day to do that because I know he didn’t have to,” Ball said.

Nash also shared some off-the-court tips with Lonzo, which is definitely a positive. The former Most Valuable Player enjoyed a long career with the Phoenix Suns, overcoming a debilitating back condition en route to becoming a legendary floor general. 

“We talked about all that. Nutrition, keeping your body right in the training room and stuff, lifting weights the right way, so he helped me on more things than just basketball. He helped me with my all around game…. Hearing it from him, it definitely made a lot of sense and I’m looking forward to adding that to my daily routine,” Ball said.

While Nash may have had a short Lakers career, helping Ball may ultimately prove the biggest assist he gives the franchise. 

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