All 30 Nike NBA 'statement' jerseys designs leaked by NBA 2K18


The NBA made a business decision when they decided it was time to move on from partnering with Adidas for all of their uniform and accessory needs. 

Nike is happily swooshing in to the scene, adding the NBA to its ever-expansive athletics portfolio. That's led to a steady stream of jersey leaks throughout the summer, with teams slowly unveiling some of the designs they'll be wearing this upcoming season. 

Perhaps the biggest leak yet comes from an obscure place, though. The latest edition of NBA 2K is set to launch at midnight on Thursday, and people already have their hot little hands on the game in the hours leading up to the official launch. Twitter user @JMoneyMikita spilled the beans for the NBA.

Nike is designing a minimum of four designs for each team, drastically changing the way the NBA approaches uniforms. Traditional "home" and "away" stylings will still exist within the four designs, but the brand is trying something out of the box to freshen things up stylistically. 

The four styles, named "icon," "association," "statement," and "community-inspired" will be available for all teams. A host of teams will also have throwback options available to them. Most, if not all, organizations have already showcased their "icon" and "association" jerseys.

That's left fans in the dark about what's to come with the "statement" and "community-inspired" themes, but all 30 of the "statement" jerseys have leaked thanks to a fan getting a hold of an early release of NBA 2K18. 

Many of the designs are carried-over from alternates teams wore last season, with minor tweaks and adjustments along with the addition of the Nike logo and new sponsor logos. A handful of them, though, are completely new. 

One of the sharpest looks is this "The Town" design for the Golden State Warriors:


By comparison, the "statement" look for the Cleveland Cavaliers doesn't resonate nearly as much:


This new look for the Oklahoma City Thunder is a nice new take for the franchise, likely replacing the old dark blue and white alternate the team once wore:


Another standout is this desaturated-look Portland Trail Blazers jersey, taking the beloved cross-rip design to uncharted territories:


The home team will decide which of its four (or five, if throwbacks are available) jerseys it will wear each game, while the away team can pick from any of its own uniforms so long as its a contrasting color. 

Be sure to check out all 30 of the jerseys, which were provide by @JMoneyMikita and aggregated by Conrad Burry of

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