Reason why Braun Strowman slammed John Cena on steel steps


Braun Strowman absolutely destroyed John Cena on Monday Night RAW this past Monday, and there may be a key reason why WWE allowed it to happen.

Strowman is currently involved in a major feud with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, as the pair are expected to clash in the main event of the WWE's No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV) later on this month. In past weeks "The Monster Among Men" has gotten the better of "The Beast" in multiple confrontations, as Strowman attacked Lesnar a few weeks back on RAW to solidify himself as the next challenger for the Universal throne. On Monday's edition of RAW, Lesnar made his return to call-out Strowman and challenge him to fight him right there and then.

He happily obliged and hit the ring before getting German Suplexed by Lesnar, which he no sold before jumping right back up and planting "The Beast" down with a body slam. Strowman ended the segment by standing over Lesnar holding the title over his head, teasing a possible win over "The Beast" at No Mercy.

Cena is also involved in a major feud, as he has returned to Monday Nights to confront Roman Reigns, who is being groomed to become the next face of the company. "The Leader Of The Cenatinon" and "The Big Dog" have been going back-and-forth at each other on the mic for the past few weeks, as they hype their clash at No Mercy to determine who the true face of the company is.

Reigns and Cena have taken a slew of personal jabs at one another, as the former Shield frontman teased that he has had more great matches in two years than Cena has in his entire career, while Cena burned Reigns by claiming the only reason he's still around is because Reigns can't step up and take his spot.

While Reigns and Cena wait to collide with one another, Cena was paired up against Strowman for the first time on Monday Night RAW, and while it was a fairly even match-up up until the end, Strowman was able to get the upper hand and began to unleash on Cena. He lost his temper so much that at one point he annihilated Cena with the steel steps, seemingly causing a storyline injury to the 16-time World Champion.

Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter speculated that this could have been done to write Cena off TV next week in order for him to fulfill his prior commitments that he made elsewhere.

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