Report: NBA sets a date to vote on draft lottery reform

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference

The NBA could be set for a draft lottery reform after a date was set for a vote on the proposals by the league.

The board of governors have been presented with the league's proposals for final approval and are set to cast a vote on September 28.

Commissioner Adam Silver has been keen to bring in a change for the draft lottery to deter teams from tanking games in order to gain a better opportunity at receiving a high draft pick.

As well as the draft lottery reform, guidelines for the resting of players will also be on the agenda as the NBA aims to discourage teams from resting their star players for nationally televised games.

Per ESPN, the proposed guidelines for resting players will encourage teams to sit healthy players for home over away games. The vote will need to receive a two-thirds majority in order for it to come into effect.

The issue of tanking has been a huge problem in the league for many years.

One of the main culprits are the Philadelphia 76ers who, under former general manager Sam Hinkle, tanked multiple seasons in order to receive several lottery picks as part of their rebuild.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Philadelphia 76ers

By selecting Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Jahlil Okafor, Dario Saric and Markelle Fultz over the last four years, the Sixers are now in a position to compete again after bringing in top young talents via the draft.

The proposed changes would begin with the 2019 draft and include a smoothing out of odds among the league's worst teams, per ESPN.

At present, the three worst teams currently have a 25 percent, 19.9 percent and 15.6 percent chance of winning the number one overall pick, respectively. Under the new plan, those teams would each have a 14 percent chance, according to league sources.

The league's annual draft lottery system comprises of the 14 non-playoff teams.

2017 NBA Draft

In terms of resting star players, this issue became a huge talking point last season and it's something commissioner Silver couldn't ignore.

After agreeing a huge nine-year, $24 billion broadcast deal with ESPN and Turner Sports, those networks were angered by the fact that teams such as the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs chose to rest players during marquee national television games.

In an effort to combat this, the NBA has already banished back-to-backs prior to live games, giving teams fewer reasons to rest their stars.

According to ESPN, Silver will have the right to fines teams for resting players in certain instances such as sitting multiple players outside of unusual circumstances in a single game, and healthy players in nationally televised ESPN, ABC and TNT games.

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