Richard Jefferson calls Kyrie Irving "special" and compares him to Jason Kidd

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

With the dust now settled on Kyrie Irving's blockbuster trade to the Boston Celtics, some of his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates have been paying tribute to him.

The point guard spent six years in Cleveland and was a real fans' favourite with his silky ball-handling skills and ability to score in a variety of ways.

But it wasn't just fans that Kyrie wowed, his teammates were often left shocked at the things that he would produce on the floor.

Speaking on The Bill Simmons podcast, veteran Richard Jefferson described what it was like to play alongside Irving among other topics.

"When you see the guy play on a daily basis—again, he is one of those people that is, skillwise and talentwise, special. He can do things that I’ve never seen before from a guy that size, do it every single day consistently.

"Have we seen the best? I don’t know. I don’t know, but skillwise and talentwise, he is someone that can do things very similar to a Jason Kidd or somebody else."

RJ played with Kidd during his early days with the New Jersey Nets so he's well placed to make this comparison.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Four

The 37-year-old says that despite spending two years with Irving, he would still be amazed at the things he could do with a basketball on every occasion.

He even admitted that were times where even LeBron James was in awe of his skills.

"You would see LeBron look at him and be like, “GOD!”," Jefferson said. "I say this being in the league for 17 years. I’ve watched so many guys at their prime.

"I’ve played against John Stockton. I've played against Hakeem Olajuwon. I’ve played against so many guys. And he does stuff with the stop-and-start and his ability to hit shots off the dribble with the left hand, the right hand, the floater this high off the glass...

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

"But it’s just you see things in his body control. There’s just so many things he can do."

Unfortunately for the small forward, he will now have to watch that as an opposing player after Uncle Drew's decision to take his talents elsewhere following his trade request.

It was widely reported that he was no longer willing to play with LeBron, but Irving explained that he moved to give himself the best opportunity to maximise his potential.

The four-time All-Star will not have to wait long to face Jefferson, James and the rest of his former Cavs teammates as he will line up against them on the opening night of the new season for the Celtics.

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