Brandon Ingram raves about what makes Lonzo Ball such a great teammate

2017 Las Vegas Summer League Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks

The Los Angeles Lakers have a pair of budding young stars in second-year forward Brandon Ingram and rookie point guard Lonzo Ball.

The fate of the franchise, at least for this season, will depend on how well the two players can work together on the court.

With Ball's passing ability and Ingram's versatility, it could be an exciting team for Lakers fans to watch, and it sounds like the two stars are getting along well so far.

In an interview with, Ingram explained what he likes best about sharing the court with Ball, detailing what makes him such a great teammate:

"You love everything on the court about him," he said. "The way he passes the basketball. His demeanor. The way he works. But I think the thing about him is his attitude and his character. The way he passes the basketball like no one else … but he’s different. He’s always joking. Just a great guy, someone you want to play with. You can go around with a guy of his caliber, the way he plays, he could be cocky … but I don’t see anything cocky. He’s humble. He comes in here early and works every day. He’s just him, he doesn’t want to be anybody else."

Ball and Ingram figure to be big parts of the Lakers' future, even as the team positions itself to land several free agents next summer (Paul George and LeBron James, perhaps?).

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers

Ingram said he feels like he's ready to prove to his team why he deserves to be a big part of their future plans, saying he feels as good as he's ever felt on the court:

"This past year I didn’t feel like I ever got into a groove where I just felt comfortable every single game and was playing like myself," he said. "I got a chance to reflect on (the season), to see where I could get better, have a better mentality and gain confidence. I went into the game (at Summer League) and it all felt natural. I felt like myself again. I felt like I was just playing regular basketball.

"Now I feel even better. Better conditioned, stronger. We’ve been putting in so much work in the weight room. The skill work we’ve been doing every single day … working on offense and defense. Especially with my improved conditioning, I think with my point guard Lonzo Ball kicking the ball ahead and the way we want to play fast … the sky is the limit."

No matter what happens in Los Angeles this season, the combo of Ball and Ingram should be a lot of fun to watch.

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