Nick Kyrgios finally opens up about his tennis struggles

Nick Kyrigos

At no point has anyone ever doubted that Nick Kyrgios has the ability to produce breathtaking levels of tennis, however, the young man has all to often flattered to deceive when it comes to consistently producing these moments of beauty.

His eccentric nature hasn't aided his cause up until now, as he is no stranger to causing unfavourable outrage both on and off the court, with his incessant childish behaviour garnering negative attention that at 22 years of age, he really could do without.

However, his most recent comments about his own talent may suggest one of two things, either that he is ready to take centre stage and hang with the best in the game, or that he is still far too immature to reach the peak his ability could most definitely take him.

"When I’m in the right frame of mind, I feel unbeatable. That period this year where I beat Novak Djokovic a couple of times in a row in Acapulco and Indian Wells? Yep. Unbeatable,"Kyrgios bluntly stated.

The Australian's controversial nature aligned with these comments may rub people up the wrong way, but there may well be reason behind his statements.

"I felt like a lot of people thought the first win over Novak in Acapulco was a fluke. I knew it wasn’t and was really motivated to show that. As fate had it, I played him again a week and a half later in Indian Wells and won in straight sets."

Off the back of this, he then went on to beat Rafael Nadal in Cincinnati, proving once again that if he put his mind to it, he could be destined to competing with the elites of the game.

"When motivation levels are high – I feel like I can beat anyone who steps out on the court. The match is on my racquet and the ultimate result is up to me.

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"It was the same story playing against Rafa Nadal in Cincinnati. It’s easy to get up for a match like that. Big name opponent. Centre court. Huge challenge. I love that. It’s against the lower ranked guys on the back courts where I can’t get it together and tank."

This infuriating talent, however, then proclaims that for all his potential greatness, his love for the sport just isn't what it should be, with his falterings against lower ranked opposition coming from the fact he just doesn't care.

"It all comes down to my motivation levels," he added. "And one of the things that impacts that is the media and how I feel I’m being portrayed in it.

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"Wimbledon this year was a case in point. I entered the tournament with a hip injury that, sooner rather than later, is going to require surgery."

Granted his trainer Sebastian Grosjean stays by his side and he goes through with the hip surgery he so obviously needs, there is the possibility that this brash young Australian ace can at some point get on top of his game.

In doing so, he has the capability to prove to his critics, who he is constantly at war with, that he can be the star of tennis for years to come.

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