WWE's original plan for Owens-McMahon headbutt segment on SmackDown


WWE fans know that when Vince McMahon appears on either Monday Night RAW or SmackDown Live, something amazing is about to happen and last week was no different.

Mr. McMahon showed up on SmackDown last week to announce the Hell in a Cell match of Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view next month. That wasn't to be the end of the segment, however.

Owens then manipulated McMahon to give him his word that he could beat a McMahon senseless if he was provoked. WWE's boss said yes and shook his hand, so in response, The Prizefighter headbutted Vince to the floor, splitting his head open in the process. beat him up.

Owens then continued to beat Vince McMahon up before help arrived. Another surprise then came as Stephanie McMahon, the commissioner of RAW, showed up to help her father but gave a stern look in Owens' direction on her way down the ramp.

It was an unusual ending to SmackDown Live, and it has certainly had the desired effect as fans are still talking about the events that unfolded days afterward, whether it be in the context of the brutality of the hit, to why Stephanie McMahon was there.

According to The Observer, via Cageside Seats, the original plan was to have Stephanie McMahon go out and clean up the blood herself when Kevin Owens headbutted Vince McMahon and made him bleed, but they changed their mind on that.

Stephanie running down the ramp to check on her dad was certainly a nice touch to the feud, and it helped to place Owens in more of a heel spotlight since the two have been aligned slightly in the past when Owens was Universal Champion.


Keeping the part of the segment in with her running down the ramp to soak up her father's blood with a white towel wouldn't have added much to the segment.

If anything, it would have made it slightly strange considering Stephanie was there on the night to be part of the Mae Young Classic award ceremony later on. It would have been weird on WWE's part to reintroduce her for the first time since WrestleMania in this way, so it's good they decided not to go with it.

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