Rio Ferdinand tells Adebayo Akinfenwa his FIFA 18 ratings

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We’re just 10 days away from the official release of FIFA 18 and gamers around the world are very excited.

EA Sports have done their best to whet the appetite of FIFA fans by slowly releasing the ratings of some of the best players in the game.

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo will once again have a better rating than Lionel Messi is probably the biggest talking point.

But there’s also an interest in which players come out on top in terms of speed, dribbling and strength.

In the latter category, it was Wycombe Wanderers’ Adebayo Akinfenwa who came out on top.

‘The Beast’ prides himself on being ‘the strongest footballer in the world’ and seems to always be in the gym.

But will he be the strongest player on FIFA 18?

Well, Rio Ferdinand decided to visit him to reveal his FIFA 18 card to him - and the results are pretty hilarious.

Akinfenwa's predictions

First of all, Akinfenwa predicts what his ratings will be.

In FIFA 17, his pace was 45. The 35-year-old obviously believes that he deserves an upgrade and predicts 58.

In FIFA 17, his shooting was 60. And, after his 18 goals last season, he thinks it should be bumped up to 63.

In FIFA 17, his passing was 51. Again, he predicts a small increase to 54.


In FIFA 17, his dribbling was 60. This time, Akinfenwa thinks EA Sports got it spot on and thinks that rating will remain the same.

In FIFA 17, his defensive rating was 34 - something that Akinfenwa was furious with. The striker believes he should get a massive hike to 64.

In FIFA 17, his physical was a massive 80. Once again, he thinks he should increase to 83.

And then the overall rating. In FIFA 17, it was 64 and Akinfenwa thinks he’s worth a 72 rating.

Then it was time for the moment of truth as Ferdinand revealed his FIFA 18 rating.

And to say that he wasn’t happy that his overall rating had remained at 64 is an understatement.

Elsewhere, his pace remained at 45, his shooting increased to 61, his passing remained at 51, his dribbling decreased to 57, his defending increased to 35, while his physical remained at 80.

Then, Ferdinand reveals that Akinfenwa is once again the strongest player on FIFA with 98 strength - meaning has now been the strongest player on the game for the last five years.

Yeah, he was pretty happy about that.

Watch: Ferdinand reveals FIFA 18 stats to Akinfenwa

Check out the video below:

And Akinfenwa has since taken to Instagram to celebrate the news that he will be, once again, the strongest player on FIFA 18.

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