Tony Bellew sends tweet to David Haye confirming rematch will happen


The much hyped David Haye/Tony Bellew rematch is on, according to the Haymaker's Twitter account.

The Bermondsey fighter tweeted that both fighters had agreed terms, and he was now waiting for Bellew to put pen to paper on the deal.

“It’s taken months of negotiating but teams have finally agreed ALL terms for #HayeBellew2 Will 🍕Bellew put pen to paper✍🏼?!#RevengeOrRepeat,” Haye tweeted to his followers.

Haye snapped his Achilles in the sixth round of the bout in March, but battled on until the 11th, when his team eventually threw in the towel.

Evertonian Bellew has said that a fight between the pair is very much on, and told The Sun that the rematch between the pair will be over in the first 10 seconds.

“If it does happen again then it can all end in the first ten seconds, it really can,” the 34-year-old said.

“If it would have happened without the injury he would have retired, there would have been no way back.

“Because of the injury, in his mind, he can give himself a way back.

“It only happened because of this and if we ever do fight again and I defeat him again that will be the end of him.

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“That will literally be the spade in the floor burying him, he will be finished.”

Tough words from Bellew there, and in truth, there has been a lot said between the pair and especially by the fans on Haye's side of the ring.

Accusations that Bellew only beat the 36-year-old due to his injury have not gone down well. But, if what the 34-year-old claimed on Twitter is true, then it looks like David ‘the Hayemaker’ Haye has gone over the line.

“Don't really feel like talking tbh!

“I OBLIGE YOU @mrdavidhaye , happy?

“Now leave me alone with my family please. I'll see you soon enough!”

Bad form by Haye if those accusations prove to be true, and the London born fighter's actions haven't exactly endeared himself to the Bellew camp.

“We haven’t met since the fight and I don’t think we’re going to meet,” the 34-year-old from Liverpool told the Sun.

“He said certain things that were wrong and disgusting. David’s not my kind of person, I respect him as an athlete but I don’t have to like the guy.

“He’s an amazing fighter but when it comes to being a person, he’s forgot himself and is a bit of an a*****e.

“We will never be friends, it’s like me and the other fella from Wales (Nathan Cleverly), it’s a clash of personalities.”

David Haye vs Tony Bellew - Heavyweight Fight

The fight looks like it is set for Sunday, December 17, nonetheless, Bellew did have doubts to whether he was going to step back into the ring following a broken hand suffered in the fight in March.

“Did I think I was done after Haye fight? At first my hand was damaged and my face was sore.” Bellew recalled.

“I had headaches for a while and I think to myself: ‘how much more can the body take?

“Yes, I did think about it. I sat down with the missus and she said ‘listen we’ve earned enough, we’ve got enough property. It was down to me to make a decision, and I said ‘I can do more.’

“I’m getting better as I get older and I don’t want to walk away and think, imagine if I would have fought him. I’ve still got a lot of fight in me.”

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