Los Angeles Lakers plan on making Kobe Bryant statue

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

Last week, news broke that the Los Angeles Lakers would be honoring Kobe Bryant later this season on December 18 against the Golden State Warriors by retiring both of the numbers he wore throughout his career with the team, numbers 8 and 24.

Not many players get the honor of having their number put up in the rafters by the team where they made their name, let alone have two numbers put up there. When you consider Black Mamba helped the Lakers reach seven NBA Finals and win five championships, he definitely deserves it.

According to reports, however, more is to come for Bryant at the Lakers.

Lakers president and controlling owner Jeanie Buss revealed on ESPN Los Angeles Radio that not only will Bryant be having both of his jersey numbers retired, but the franchise is already thinking of putting up a statue to honor the five-time NBA champion as well.

She said, according to SB Nation: “My feeling is that even if we just retired one number, no one’s ever gonna wear the other, so you may as well retire… no one’s ever gonna wear 8 or 24 for the Lakers ever again. It just worked out that that was the right date to do it, and I think we’ll have a great celebration, and certainly someday there will be a statue as well,”

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

Buss didn't exactly say when the statue will be unveiled, but one would think it would happen when Bryant is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. He would join the likes of Magic Johnson, play-by-play announcer Chick Hearn, Jerry West, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who have also been given a statue.

Bryant definitely deserves a statue after everything he has done for the Lakers during his playing career, so we can't wait to see it happen.

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