Kevin Durant explains why he has been responding to haters

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

Earlier this week, Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant was caught bashing the Oklahoma City Thunder on social media after a fan asked about his move from the Thunder to the Warriors last summer.

Many people believe Durant has used multiple accounts in the past to defend his move to Golden State as he accidentally sent out a tweet defending himself in the third person before quickly deleting it.

The Warriors star has been receiving hate ever since he initially publicly announced his desire to leave Oklahoma City, but it has stepped up a gear in light of the recent events. However, many have wondered why he feels the need to defend his actions in the first place and respond to the haters.

When a fan said to him on YouTube that he should just be himself and not worry what the haters have to say about him, Durant responded by saying despite his superstar status, he does really care what they have to say about him.

The Finals MVP said, according to Andrew Joseph of USA TODAY’s For The Win: “Of my stature, I play basketball, I got acne, I grew up with nothing in [sic] still figuring myself out in my late 20, I slide in DMs, I make fun of my friends, I drink beers and play Xbox. I’m closer to you than u think.”


This helps to explain why Durant has been acting the way he has on social media over recent days. He knows there are people out there that didn't like his move from the Thunder to the Warriors, so if he can use social media to try and change their minds, he's going to try.

He's just went the wrong way about it previously, but now everything is out and in the open after his Thunder bashing mishap, perhaps he will take a different approach to the situation. Fans will at least appreciate one of the best players in the league is being open and honest with them on social media.

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