Here’s what happens when Barcelona try to sign Cristiano Ronaldo on FIFA 18


Earlier this week, we showed you what happens when you attempt to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on FIFA 18.

It turns out it *is* possible - as you can see by clicking HERE - although the process is far from straightforward.

You also need to have the finances available, of course. Very few clubs have the resources available to sign either of the world’s two best players although, as YouTuber Mgh demonstrated, Manchester United have enough cash to sign both players in the same season. Mental.

But is it possible to sign Ronaldo, the best player on FIFA 18, if you’re playing Career Mode with FC Barcelona?

It sounds like something that would never, ever happen in real life. But is the latest version of EA Sports’ hugely successful video game franchise *that* realistic? Let’s find out.

YouTuber tries to sign Ronaldo for Barcelona on FIFA 18

YouTuber RBT has released a six-minute video in which he attempts to strike a deal where the end result is Ronaldo leaving the Bernabeu for the Camp Nou.

He begins by setting up a meeting with Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane, who enters the meeting room looking dapper in his designer suit.


RBT opens proceedings by offering Zidane Gerard Deulofeu (valued at £27.5 million) in exchange for Ronaldo (valued at £84 million).

Rather than storm out of the meeting, like we saw in the previous video, Zidane counters by demanding Deulofeu and cash in exchange for the four-time Ballon d’Or winner.

The French coach wants the inconsistent Spanish winger plus an eye-watering £141.8 million in return for Ronaldo.


RBT responds by offering Deulofeu and £120.8 million instead, which Zidane deems acceptable.


Fee agreed - now on to personal terms

So, a fee between the two La Liga rivals has been agreed - but can Barça convince the former Man Utd star to join them?

They start by offering Ronaldo a ‘crucial’ role in the team at the Camp Nou and this satisfies both the player and his agent.


Talk then turns to money.

Ronaldo’s agent demands that a £237.8 million release clause is inserted into his client’s contract.


Once that’s accepted, we then get on to personal terms.

Surprisingly, Ronaldo is prepared to accept a £40,000-a-week pay cut to join Barça, making his new weekly wage £460,000-a-week instead of £500,000-a-week.

His agent also demands that Ronaldo’s contract includes a signing-on bonus worth £6.8 million, as well as an additional £10.3 million payment after he’s made 20 appearances from he Catalan giants.


Ronaldo signs for Barcelona(!)

And that’s it: Ronaldo is now a Barcelona player.

Here’s the evidence…


Just imagine if this happened in real life.

Video: How to sign Ronaldo for Barcelona on FIFA 18

You can watch the video in full here...

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