Speed test reveals the quickest dribbler on FIFA 18 - Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi


In just eight days time, gamers around the world will have their hands on FIFA 18.

EA Sports have done a very good job at getting everyone excited about the release of their new game, by slowing revealing player ratings and new features.

Of course, attributes are one thing but you never really know how effective a player is going to be until you’ve actually played with them in the game.

One stat that always comes in handy in gameplay is speed.

If a player has pace, they can be incredibly useful with the ability to beat players with ease.

But there’s a bit of a difference to running with the ball and running without the ball.

And one FIFA gamer has done a little experiment ahead of the release of FIFA 18 to discover how effective some players are at running with and without the ball.

YouTuber ZANOMG decided to have Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi race against each other to see who’s actually fastest in the game.


Neymar, Ronaldo's and Messi's stats

Here is what their stats say:

Neymar | Acceleration - 94 | Sprint Speed - 90 | Pace - 92

Cristiano Ronaldo | Acceleration - 89 | Sprint Speed - 91 | Pace - 90

Lionel Messi | Acceleration - 92 | Sprint Speed - 87 | Pace - 89

But what happens when you take dribbling a ball into account?

Watch: FIFA 18 speed test

Let’s take a look:

Yeah, you might be surprised to see Ronaldo finish first, Neymar in second and Messi in third when travelling with a ball.

And, without the ball, the stats tell the truth with Neymar in first, Ronaldo in second and Messi, once again, in third.

Very interesting.

Either way, all three players will no doubt be pretty much unstoppable for their respective sides in this year’s edition.

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