Eli Manning said he didn't mind being called out by Giants' coach Ben McAdoo

Detroit Lions v New York Giant

The New York Giants have had a tough start to the 2017 season, losing their first two games while struggling to get anything going offensively.

Monday night's loss to the Detroit Lions was particularly bad, as the Giants fell 24-10 at home while hearing lots of boos from their own fans.

Quarterback Eli Manning didn't have his best game, throwing for 239 yards, one touchdown and one interception while being sacked an unacceptable five times.

After the game, New York coach Ben McAdoo wasn't happy with his quarterback and called Manning out in his postgame interview. However, on Wednesday, Manning said he doesn't mind the criticism from his coach about his performance:

"It's part of being in the NFL," he said when asked if he was upset with his coach. "You can't be sensitive and I think everyone's gotten very sensitive - players and everybody. If someone says anything negative about you, or you did something wrong, then you've got a problem.

"Coach McAdoo and I have a great relationship. I think he understands that - I told him when he first got here, I enjoy being coached, if I screw something up, let me know. I want to be coached, so we talked about things and there's some things I've got to do that I've got to be better at."

That's a refreshing answer from Manning, as he's completely right - most players would sulk or fire back at their coaches after receiving such harsh criticism.

The original quote from McAdoo after Monday night's loss (via FTW.usatoday.com) stemmed from a delay-of-game penalty the Giants drew on fourth-and-goal from the two-yard line:

“Sloppy quarterback play. Quarterback and center need to be on the same page there. We need to get the ball snapped,” McAdoo said of Eli Manning after a delay of game penalty on fourth and goal at the Lions’ two yard line. “Because we have a veteran quarterback who has played a lot of football and I expect us to get the ball snapped.”

Obviously, there's a better way McAdoo could have handled the whole situation, as calling his star quarterback out to the media isn't the most responsible thing to do.

Detroit Lions v New York Giant

Luckily for McAdoo, his spur-of-the-moment airing of his frustrations doesn't seem to have angered Manning, so they can move forward smoothly.

If the Giants are going to avoid having this become a lost season, they'll need to bounce back quickly, as they face two tough road games at the Philadelphia Eagles and at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the next two weeks.

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