Pierre Garcon made two unbelievable catches during Rams vs 49ers

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers

Thursday Night Football in the past has been treated poorly in the past, with many slamming the occasion for its poor games and lack of excitement. This week's game between the San Franciso 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams was anything but, and a much-needed lifeline for the event.

Last night's game between the Rams and the 49ers was one of the most exciting Thursday night games in recent times, as it had end-to-end action right up until the final few snaps of the game. It had everything an NFL fan could want in a game.

To be precise, this game had its first play being an interception, 10 touchdowns, 80 points scored, a muffed punt, a fumbled kickoff, a missed two-point conversion, a successful onside kick, and a game-sealing sack. Rams vs 49ers truly had it all for fans to enjoy on Thursday night.

While Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, and Sammy Watkins will take the limelight thanks to their performances which helped Los Angeles pick up a 41-39 victory on the night, San Francisco's Pierre Garcon can be just as happy with his production notwithstanding the losing effort.

The wide receiver caught seven passes for 147 yards against the Rams but failed to reach the endzone once. Still, he pulled off some remarkable catches during the game which should give 49ers fans hope despite the 0-3 start to their first season under head coach Kyle Shanahan.

The first catch occurred in the third quarter of the game with the 49ers down by 14 with the score at 27-13, Garcon caught a Brian Hoyer pass near the sidelines, kept his toes in bounds somehow when it looked impossible to do so, as well as control of the ball to make sure it was a completed catch.

That wasn't the only remarkable grab he would make on the night, as during the fourth quarter with the scores at 41-26, the wide receiver would shine once more with an amazing catch to complete a 59-yard deep play to set up a touchdown on the drive.

0-3 might not be the start to the new season which 49ers fans would have wanted, but the way which Garcon is playing so far this season shows their first win of the season isn't too far away.

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