Warriors defend Kevin Durant after embarrassing Twitter gaffe

Golden State Warriors Media Day

This summer, Kevin Durant has been engaged with his fans on social media.

However, @KDTrey5 got in a bit of trouble when he was caught going a little too far clapping back at some trolls a few days ago. When a fan asked him why he left the Thunder, Durant responded from his verified account, saying “He didn't like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan. His roster wasn't that good. It was just him and Russ.”

He then also tweeted, “Imagine taking Russ off that team, see how bad they were. KD can't win with those cats.” He forgot to log out of his blue check-marked account to seemingly log into one of perhaps several fake accounts that he set up in an effort to defend himself.

Ironically, his Twitter bio reads “IM ME, I DO ME, AND I CHILL”.

Due to the age we live in, Durant’s mishap was a huge embarrassment to him, but for the most part, he owned the mistake and admitted to it. That made Warriors head coach Steve Kerr less concerned about the entire situation.

Golden State Warriors Media Day

"It's not a big deal," said Kerr via ESPN’s Chris Haynes. "It's not anything that we're concerned about. He apologized. I told him a story about something that happened to me in my career that was very embarrassing. The fact is, we live in a fishbowl and we are all expected to be in this profession to be outspoken, and all of sudden, you can get yourself in trouble unless you just want to completely clam up. It's never been more difficult to be a professional athlete in the spotlight than today with social media. It's tricky. It's a tricky position to be in. He knows he made a mistake. ... It's not anything that concerns us."

General manager Bob Myers echoed Kerr’s words after personally speaking with Durant about the incident.

"I thought he handled it well," Myers said. "When you're in the media, we all have our moments that we might regret and say something we feel like we shouldn't have said, and at that point when it's done, you own it. I like to apologize to people directly, which he did, and you move on and you learn. That's what we talked about."

Golden State Warriors Media Day

Teammate Draymond Green noted that while he did tease KD about the incident, it isn’t a big deal at all and will not be a distraction moving forward.

You can definitely tell he was sorry about it," Green noted. "He said, 'Dog, I was really just having fun, and then I went too far.' And I understand that. We all have days in life where we're just having fun. ... It was fun for the time being and now it's not too fun. I think everyone in here, including myself, has all done that. You're just living in the moment. ... At the end of the day, we've moved on. It's not a distraction to us.”

While the situation was certainly not optimal, the Warriors made it very clear that it is a non-issue.

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