Frank Gore says he doesn't regret signing with the Indianapolis Colts

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Frank Gore signed with the Indianapolis Colts back before the 2015 season, when it looked like the Colts were a couple of pieces away from being Super Bowl contenders.

As we all now know, that wasn't the case, as the Colts imploded and have struggled mightily in the last year.

From a significant injury to star quarterback Andrew Luck to top draft picks not working out to general ineffectiveness on defense, there aren't many positives for Indianapolis right now outside of Gore.

However, in a recent interview with the Indianapolis Star, Gore said he doesn't regret signing with the Colts and would do it all over again if given the choice:

“If I had to do it again, I still would make the same decision,” says the oldest running back in football, weighing what Indianapolis was supposed to be with what it has become. “Things just didn’t go our way the last two years, starting with our leader. He got hurt. I’ve played with, what, five quarterbacks?”

Luck still hasn't played through two weeks this season as he continues to recover from an injury suffered last year. The Colts have started 0-2 without him.

On Sunday, Gore will make his 98th consecutive start - an impressive feat for a running back of any age, let alone the oldest back in the league. The 34-year-old star will be a free agent after this season, but said he hasn't decided what the future holds for him just yet:

“I will really think about how I feel after the season and how I feel I played this year,” he said. “If I feel good, a team wants me and I wanna play? Then I’ll play. But if I can’t do it no more, I won’t do it no more.”

Back-to-back 8-8 seasons and an 0-2 start to this year have certainly taken their toll on Gore, but he isn't complaining. Instead, he keeps taking the ball when his name is called and making the most out of every carry.

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Of course, he'd have liked things to go better since coming to Indy from the San Francisco 49ers, but he said that's the way things go in football sometimes:

“It’s football,” Gore said. “I just felt that if everything went perfect, we would’ve had our shot. But in this sport, you never know what’s going to happen.”

It's still early in the 2017 season, but teams that start 0-2 usually don't make the playoffs. If the Colts don't get Luck back soon, Gore could find himself watching the postseason at home for the third-straight year.

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