The Bills first TD of the season was a hilarious accident

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills

Coming into the season, no one really expected the Buffalo Bills to do all that well in the 2017 NFL campaign. 

With a rookie head coach taking the reigns in Anthony Lynn, and an offense that was stripped of their star wide receiver as Sammy Watkins was traded away to the Los Angeles Rams, moods weren't exactly high in Buffalo. 

Heading into today's game against the Denver Broncos, the Bills had yet to score a single touchdown. They finally reached the endzone for the first time in the first half against Denver, but it didn't exactly go as expected. Scroll down to catch the clip...

Let's set the scene. The Denver Broncos have the toughest pass defense in the entire National Football League, headlined by Pro Bowl stars Aqib Talib and Chris Harris. The Bills have yet to score a TD, with quarterback Tyrod Taylor struggling.

So, naturally, the Bills broke their duck against the best of the best. And with a play that you will not see in any gameplan across the world, from high school to the pros. Check it out below...


Tyrod Taylor is quite clearly trying to find rookie wideout Zay Jones on the slant route across the middle of the field. 

It was actually a really well-placed ball by the diminutive quarterback, but it bounced right off both of Jones' hands and went up into the air...right into the waiting grasp of Andre Holmes...another Bills receiver.

Ladies and gentlemen, you don't always have to be good. Sometimes, you just need to get lucky.

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