Richard Sherman committed 3 penalties in 10 seconds against the Titans

Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans

Richard Sherman might be the most Jekyll and Hyde player in the entire National Football League. The difference between his two sides is legitimately incredible.

On one hand, you have the incredibly erudite man who doesn't look out of place on daytime television debate shows and can hold his own against anyone, combined with an incredibly intelligent and cool football player most of the time.

And then you have his Mr Hyde. The version of Richard Sherman that loses the cool he so often plays with, that just goes berserk and loses himself for periods of a game. That happened today against the Titans...

In the dying moments of the first quarter, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota dropped back, took aim for Eric Decker, massively overthrew his targeted wide receiver and laid the ball into the hands of a diving Kam Chancellor for a would-be interception. 

Except, the Seahawks never got the ball after that, thanks to the actions of Sherman - who somehow managed to get flagged three times in 10 seconds during and after that one single play.

Here's the clip...

The first penalty was for pass interference, with Sherman blocking off Decker. The second flag came as Chancellor tried to return the interception, with Sherman being adjudged to have held Decker, thus not allowing him to make a play on the Seahawks safety.

It seems that Sherman didn't quite agree with the call, as the third penalty was due to his furious reaction to the flags, earning him an unsportsmanlike conduct. The corner didn't stop arguing his case and eventually had to be dragged away by his teammates before he got kicked out of the game. 

Here's the incredible announcement from the official of all three penalties being on the same player.

Sherman's drama didn't finish there, though. He then nearly did get kicked out of the game, after hitting Mariota very late as the Titans youngster ran out of bounds.

Sherman needs to calm down. Someone get him a nice cup of tea and a Snickers.

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