Return of fan favourite team teased on RAW


For over two years, the WWE Universe has watched while the three former members of the Shield have gone on to have incredible success.

Each man having held the top prize in WWE since the split of the Shield along side main event matches at WrestleMania plus wins in both the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank ladder matches have made Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns three of the top superstars on the roster.

The return is in sight?

Despite all of their individual success, fans have been waiting to see the three Hounds of Justice reunite one more time.


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Alas that has not come to fruition since - although recent events on RAW have brought two of the trio back together.

Ambrose and Rollins recently reunited and formed a partnership which was good enough to claim the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Now there are rumours the Reigns could be joining his former brothers sooner rather than later.

With everyone claiming that the three could be coming together as soon as TLC in October, Monday's episode of RAW may have introduced the angle for their return.

It all came following a one on one match between Reigns and the Intercontinental Champion the Miz.

Following the match, Reigns was ambushed by the Miztourage and was left laying face down in the middle of the ring.

The fans in attendance were chanting for Ambrose and Rollins but they didn't get to see the Shield return there and then.

The most notable moment however was when the Miztourage imitated the former Shield and performed their trademark fist gesture in the middle of the ring.

The main reason fans were calling for Ambrose and Rollins during the scene was the opening segment of RAW, where Reigns appeared on Miz TV.

A Shield reunion is expected soon with TLC expected to be the home of the first reunion in years for the Hounds of justice.

if they do return and challenge the Miztourage at TLC, it will certainly make the show must- see despite the fact that Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is expected to remain absent.

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