Jamie Carragher reacts on Twitter after watching his Simon Mignolet rant on MNF

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Jamie Carragher can do no wrong as a pundit in the eyes of most football fans.

Honest, experienced and entertaining, the former Liverpool centre-back has become a staple of Sky Sports' match-day team alongside Gary Neville.

Every now and again he produces a moment of pure comedy gold and that was once again the case prior to Arsenal vs West Brom on Monday Night Football.

As he analysed the weekend's action with Thierry Henry, Carragher started talking about Simon Mignolet's blunder against Leicester City.

Liverpool won 3-2 at the King Power Stadium but only after Mignolet allowed Shinji Okazaki to bully him at a corner and eventually score.

And in a bizarre rant, Carragher explained how the Belgian shot-stopper should have used his elbow to show Okazaki he shouldn't be messed with.

Bear in mind that Mignolet was inside his own box at the time, so if the referee had caught him elbowing the Japanese striker, he would have given a penalty away.

"The chances of a referee seeing it through a lot of bodies... you're a goalkeeper," said Carragher. "What I'm saying is, Okazaki's there, he's trying to put me off.


"I'm not talking about elbowing him or punching him, he's typically two inches away from him, you're just doing that: bang, bang. See if he wants to come back.

"This is what I'm talking about, streetwise. Okay it's a foul, they got the goal. Liven up, be more streetwise, and if Okazaki wants to put you off, bang, bang, see if he wants to come back."

What was funniest about Carragher's speech was that he literally demonstrated how he would have dealt with Okazaki if he was Mignolet. Check it out below.

Even worse was the fact Carragher kept repeating the word "streetwise", as if to say that Mignolet should have used some street combat on Okazaki.

The Liverpool legend, having watched his bizarre analysis in the above video, has now reacted to how he behaved on MNF and it's safe to say he's pretty embarrassed.

In fact, he reacted using just one hashtag and a cheeky emoji: #streetwise 🙈

It's not very often that Carragher is left embarrassed, which is what makes his analysis on Mignolet even funnier.

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