The truth behind Neymar's recent injury at Paris Saint-Germain


It’s been more than a week since Neymar and Edinson Cavani argued over who should take a free-kick and a penalty during Paris Saint-Germain’s 2-0 victory over Lyon and still the fallout rumbles on.

Neymar and Cavani certainly aren’t the first players to have squabbled over who takes a set-piece whilst on the pitch, so why are we still talking about it?

Of course, there is interest in the saga because Neymar is the world’s most expensive footballer.

But it seems that the argument between the two strikers on the pitch was just a sign of what is going on behind the scenes.

An in-depth report from El Pais has explained what is really going on at the Parc des Princes - and it doesn’t sound good.

After Neymar arrived, the club were forced to put as many as eight stars up for sale in order to accommodate him. That immediately turned some players against the Brazilian.

And Neymar certainly hasn’t helped matters with his behaviour both on and off the pitch.

Reports have suggested that the former Barcelona star has unfollowed Cavani on social media and even demanded that the club sell the Uruguayan.

But Cavani isn’t budging after apparently refusing a €1 million incentive to hand over penalties to Neymar.


After all of these reports, everyone was eagerly anticipating the next time the two players took to the field to see how things play out. That was supposed to be during PSG’s trip to Montpellier.

However, Neymar wasn’t in the squad after Unai Emery claimed he had a foot injury.

A lot of people doubted the legitimacy of Neymar's knock as it seemed a bit co-incidental coming the match after his argument with Cavani.

PSG drew 0-0 and Neymar - who had been out partying in London with the likes of Lewis Hamilton in the week - was sorely missed by the Ligue 1 side.


Neymar's 'injury'

Was he really injured or had he been dropped from the squad after his clash with Cavani?

Well, L’Equipe’s latest report has revealed the ‘truth’ about Neymar injury.

They claim that he was actually injured in training by a teammate ahead of the Montpellier match. No it wasn’t Cavani but, in fact, Hatem Ben Arfa.


The clash is described as accidental and came on the Friday - the day before PSG’s match.

L’Equipe has called the injury ‘minor’ and believe Neymar will be fit to play against Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Wednesday.

So, it looks as though Neymar really was injured and wasn't dropped by Emery for the match against Montpellier. Whether he and Cavani will be in the starting XI for the mouth-watering Champions League tie against Bayern remains to be seen.

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