Braun Strowman & entire Cruiserweight division destroy Enzo Amore after Raw goes off the air


The WWE Universe was shocked when Enzo Amore dethroned Neville to win the WWE Cruiserweight title at No Mercy on Sunday.

The Realest Guy in the Room gave the Englishman a swift kick to the groin to roll him up for the shock victory at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Even in the world of the WWE where outcomes are pre-determined, many felt it was a slap in the face to a worker like Neville, a man who is regarded as one of the finest wrestlers in the world - period.

The Newcastle-born star has carried that division since he moved to 205 Live, but Amore took centre stage on Monday by running down nearly every competitor in the division during his title celebration in the main event segment.

However, Neville couldn't resist putting a hurting on the New York-native and beat Amore down to close the show.

But, the cameras kept rolling.

After Raw went off the air, Amore proceeded to get the beat down of a lifetime from not only the entire cruiserweight division, but the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman.

In a clip that lasts nearly five minutes, Amore takes countless finishers from his peers and is left in a crumpled heap by the end of proceedings. Take a look below:

It has been reported in recent weeks that Amore has major backstage heat in the company and he has rubbed plenty of officials up the wrong way.

While it could just be a storyline, some outlets are speculating that this beatdown is as a result of the Amore's actions backstage and is a very visible punishment.

Having said that, they did put the title on him. So make of that what you will.


Speaking on his podcast Talk is Jericho last week, Chris Jericho made a case for Amore becoming the champ.

“I think if you put Enzo Amore as a Cruiserweight, and put Enzo versus Neville for the title, have Enzo win it, watch people get interested in the Cruiserweight division," Jericho stated.

"And people at home going ‘Argh! Enzo can’t work!’ — It’s not about that. It’s about getting people to care about the title. Put Enzo in there, have him win it and watch people start to get involved in 205 Live. Then Neville has someone to work with. He doesn’t have a babyface to work with. He really doesn’t, that’s really, super genuinely over with the crowd. That would help.”

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