Pass to Kevin Durant or Steph Curry or shoot? Nick Young has perfect response

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Nick Young made one of the biggest upgrades of the NBA season, trading in his Los Angeles Lakers jersey for a Golden State Warriors jersey.

Of course, with his new team, Young won't have as big of a role as he did with the youthful Lakers, but he could still be a valuable bench piece for the defending NBA champions.

But, when he's on the court with guys like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Young may have to curtail some of his wild shots.

However, when asked whether he'd pass to KD or Steph with the game on the line or shoot it himself, he had the perfect Swaggy P response (via Bleacher Report):

"Shoot that muthaf--ka, then hit both of them with: 'My bad y'all, I didn't see y'all open. I thought the clock ran out,'" he said with a laugh.

Obviously he was joking with that response, but would we expect Young to say anything else? He's one of the most confident players in the league and has never met an open shot (and even some well-guarded shots) he wouldn't take.

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Interestingly, that's exactly the attitude Golden State coach Steve Kerr wants Young to have. He told The Mercury News that he thinks Young will play his best basketball if he just does what comes naturally to him:

“I don’t want Nick out there thinking. He’s one of the best shooters in the league,” Kerr said. “He should let it fly every time he’s open. As he gets more comfortable with the guys, he’ll understand where those opportunities will come, when to move the ball on and when to shoot it.”

Having his coach's blessing to keep firing away from long range will only help Young's confidence as he tries to figure out what exactly his role will be with the Warriors this coming season.


One of the biggest benefits of playing for the Warriors is that defenses won't be able to focus too much attention on Young. He said he anticipates more than his fair share of open looks from long range this season:

“I’ll be getting a lot of open 3’s,” Young said. “I’ll have to get used to not having somebody pretty much guarding me that much. I’m used to being in that corner for a while.”

Adding Young to a championship roster that remains largely intact is almost unfair for the rest of the NBA. if Swaggy P can slide seamlessly into a bench role for the Warriors, Golden State should continue to dominate the rest of the league.

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