John Cena gives honest truth about Enzo Amore


John Cena has taken a shot at a current champion.

That current champion is Enzo Amore. By now, it’s well known that Enzo Amore is not well liked in the Raw locker room. There have been several reports involving Amore upsetting the locker room. As a result of these reports and the talk about it online, WWE ended up bringing up the topic during an episode of Bring It to the Table on the WWE Network a few months ago.

There was some speculation that WWE would move Amore to 205 Live. WWE announcer Corey Graves came out and stated that he thinks WWE should move Amore to the 205 Live roster due to his size and charisma. The sports entertainment company decided to do just that.

The idea for Amore on the Cruiserweight show would be in order to help out the division as it lacks star power. He can talk. There’s no doubt about that, but his in-ring skills might need to be sharpened up. He would help the division as he is great on the microphone and sells merchandise.

There were some concerns that his merchandise may take a hit with sales but that may not be the case due to him making occasional appearances on Raw. WWE officials are hoping that his appearances on 205 Live will help viewership of the struggling brand on the WWE Network.

As seen at Sunday’s WWE No Mercy pay-per-view event in Los Angeles, CA at the Staples Center on the WWE Network, Enzo Amore defeated Neville to win the Cruiserweight Title.

Cena took a shot at Amore Enzo during the post-No Mercy episode of RAW Talk on Sunday night on the WWE Network. Cena noted that he was WWE first, unlike a lot of the talent on the roster. Here is what he had to say (h/t Wrestling Inc):

"I'm as WWE as it comes," Cena said. "A lot of the guys here - this is no knock on anybody - but a lot of guys here... the guy you had on before (Enzo)... no knock, but it's just his personality, he's very Enzo first. Because I've been able to be fortunate to have such a long presence here, I'm WWE first."

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