The Miami Dolphins ran a wildcat play and Jay Cutler wanted nothing to do with it

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets

The Miami Dolphins are in London today, taking on Drew Brees and the New Orleans in a game that should have been open, free-flowing and with points galore to be scored as two exciting offenses faced up against two below-par defenses.

The game hasn't exactly gone like that, with the scoreline currently reading 10-0 in favour of the Saints with the third quarter coming to a close.

Jay Cutler has been less than stellar, to say the least and there is one play from the first half that summed up just how little Cutler really cares right now. 

On their first drive of the game, the Dolphins decided to try and fool the Saints defense by running out of the wildcat. 

With Jay Ajayi lining up in the shotgun, and Jarvis Landry alongside him in the backfield, the Dolphins trotted Cutler outside the hash marks and he did not want to be there. We're not joking, he really, REALLY, didn't want to be there.

Take a look for yourself...

HE HAS HIS HANDS ON HIS HIPS. He's not even trying to make it look like he is involved in the play. I've seen more effort from a snail stuck in the mud.

This is the look of a man who just doesn't care what people think. No cornerback in the league is going to think Jay Cutler will be the target of a pass. Jay is quite clearly saving his energy for the Dolphins' impending fourth-quarter comeback...which is definitely coming and they're not at all going to be shut out. 

Jay Cutler didn't come out of retirement to line up at wide receiver. He's Smoking Jay Cutty goddammit and he gets paid.

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