Former WWE star on Vince McMahon's speech that kicked off The Attitude Era

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The Attitude Era in the WWE is widely regarded as the greatest period of time in the history of professional wrestling, as it was the most exciting time to be a fan of the sport given that there were two blockbuster organizations in the market.

Aside from the WWE that we all know and love today, a promotion just a popular once stood by the name of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) which was fronted by President Eric Bischoff. McMahon and Bischoff went head-to-head in the ratings war on Monday Nights for the longest time, as their respective stars kept professional wrestling fans flipping back-and-forth between channels to see their favorite stars.

At one point the WWE had stars such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Undertaker; while WCW had the likes of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Goldberg and so many more. For the longest time WCW seemed to be winning the ratings war, but eventually WWE would creep back up and but their adversary out of business.

When the selling of WCW was announced, Vince McMahon bought his competition for a reportedly very low price and took some of WCW's biggest stars for himself before shutting the promotion down altogether. Today, WWE is the sole professional wrestling power house in the world with nobody in sight able to compete with them.

One man who was around for The Attitude Era and The Monday Night Wars was Brian Christopher, better known in WWE as "Grand Master Sexay" (who also just so happens to be the son of WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler). He recently joined The Roman Show to talk about his time with the WWE and commented on a speech McMahon gave backstage to announce The Attitude Era (quotes via Ringside News):

"One day Vince put us in a big ballroom and he said, 'As of today everyone is going to have attitude.'"

"I don't care if you are at the mall, if you are eating at a restaurant, I don't care if you are at the airport. We had attitude. We didn't read scripts and stuff like that from writers that write for The Simpsons that's what done today.

"When you have people like DX, Chyna, Chris Benoit, Hardy Boyz, I can go on and on. You can't compare. We put WCW out of business."

What are your thoughts on McMahon's words that kicked off the beginning of The Attitude Era? Was The Attitude Era as exciting for you as it was for the rest of the WWE Universe? Would you like to see that type of programming brought back to WWE TV? Have YOUR say in the comments section below, and the fourth episode of GiveMeSport’s WWE podcast is here!

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