Roger Federer on which actor should play his role in a potential movie

Opening Ceremony and 'Borg vs. McEnroe' Premiere - 13th Zurich Film Festival

Roger Federer was one of the stars present at the 13th Zurich Film Festival. It was there where the "Borg vs. McEnroe" movie was released.

The movie is focused on the legendary tennis rivalry between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe.

Inevitably, Federer was asked on whether a similar motion picture should be made on the modern days tennis rivalry - Federer vs. Nadal.

"The Maestro" insisted that he does not see such a movie made about him and Nadal. Anyway, he was good enough to pick out a few actors he would like to see in the role of himself.

"I doubt there ever will be a movie about Rafa and me," he claimed.

"But if there is, I’d like Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio, or a James Bond like guy to play me."

When asked which actor he would like to be, the Swiss again turned to Hollywood star DiCaprio.

"I would like to be Leonardo DiCaprio," the world number two added.

"He recently won an Oscar and makes great films. I think it’s pretty good right now."

Roger Federer has taken on the Rafael Nadal 37 times in their remarkable careers, with Nadal leading the head-to-head 23-14.

Laver Cup - Day Three

The pair has won the incredible 35 Grand Slam titles between them and currently occupies 1st and 2nd places in the ATP ranking.

With both of them having secured their places in the tennis Hall of Fame, a movie about their rivalry would surely be a worthy investment.

Both Nadal and Federer do not hide their admiration for one another and have the greatest of mutual respect. They even appeared as a doubles pair recently in Laver Cup, where they helped Team Europe beat Team World.

Although Nadal and Federer look more like friends than rivals, both of them must have wondered what would have been if the other one was out of the picture.

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