CM Punk's best friend suffering from WWE lawsuit

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CM Punk and the WEW didn't leave on the best of terms to put things mildly. 

Punk is a former multiple time WWE Champion who had enough of part time wrestlers coming in and taking the main event slot of WrestleMania. Amongst other problems he had with the promotion, Punk decided to leave WWE high and dry before getting involved in a lawsuit with WWE physician Christopher Amann. This came after Punk made some unfavorable comments about Amann's work as a doctor on his friend and Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Colt Cabana's podcast, The Art Of Wrestling.

During the interview Punk claimed that Amann mistreated his concussions as well as a swelling on his back, which he would later find out could have been deadly from another doctor. These comments led to a lawsuit from Amann towards Cabana and Punk.

Cabana recently did an interview on the Live Audio Wrestling (LAW) podcast to discuss a number of professional wrestling topics, including his lawsuit with WWE. Cabana noted that the lawsuit is draining him financially and he can't really say much else about it (quotes via Wrestling Inc.):

"The update is that it's still going on, it's costing me a lot of money, and that's the extent that my lawyers will allow me to talk," Cabana said.

"So nothing breaking here, but just do know that it's always on my mind, it's always a very sad thing. And I've talked to other podcasters... it's kind of changed the way that he's worked and realizing that this is a reality that you can host a show and get sued for it."

"It's always in the back of my mind now, which is a little upsetting," he continued. "But that's the way of the world, I guess."

Vince McMahon recently cut a promo on Kevin Owens on an episode of SmackDown Live in which he mentioned lawsuits, and how he has never lost one. Cabana said he heard the promo and was a bit offended by it:

"I watched it a couple days afterwards and a little bit of me wanted to make gifs and little videos of him saying something about lawsuits and that kind of stuff," Cabana said.

"I mean, I don't know. Punk and I, we didn't do a lawsuit. We're getting sued. But it did hit a little home, and of course made me a little sad."

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